• Simplicity is the key to getting the performance you want out of your truck.
    • Simple patent pending design means: No mixers, sensors, evaporators, or switches to hassle with or adjust.
    • Easy installation and maintainence.
    • Cleaner burning fuel.
    • Better fuel economy.
    • Increased torque and horsepower for towing.

    • The Powershot 2000™ Propane Injection Kit is the perfect addition for your turbo diesel engine to gain horsepower at an affordable price.
    • The Powershot 2000™ is boost pressure activated, injecting propane into the engine as the boost pressure of the engine increases producing a throttle control, that you will definitely feel behind the wheel.
    • Safety features such as:
      Power switch inside the cab so driver has full control of turning the system on and off.
      Fuel lock off valve, stops the flow of propane unless the vehicle ignition and system is on.
    • An adjustable orifice allows you to change flow rates from towing to performance effortlessly in minutes.
    • Variable flow rate delivers smooth, steadily increasing power, proportionate to the boost pressure.

    • Powershot 2000™ Propane Injection Kit requires the use of a DOT approved, certified VAPOR Propane Tank only! These are readily available wherever propane is sold (RV Dealers,Propane dealers, etc). Generally the size of the tank should be at least 25% of your fuel tank capacity. If a vertical tank is used, it must be securely mounted in the upright position only, in the bed of the vehicle Horizontal tanks can be bed mounted or mounted under the vehicle. Visit for further information.

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